Kim's Story

Kims Story ClickIt4Life

“On my way to go find her, I called 911 and they said there was an accident on highway 36.”

Kim was 18, a beautiful Christian young lady. She graduated in May, turned 18 in June, and started college in August. She wanted to be an optometrist or a chiropractor. She loved high school but did not know why college was causing her so much heartache.

Monday before her accident, she came to me that evening crying (and Kim didn't usually do this). She was so unhappy because she just couldn't handle the load at school. We talked and agreed that she should drop one of her classes and the lab that went with it. She did this on Tuesday and felt very relieved.

The day of her accident, October 9, 2008, she had to do a presentation that she really wasn't prepared for, but Kim was an outgoing young lady and could handle this challenge. When she got out of school, she sent me a text, but like so many other times, I didn't get back to her for a few minutes. She went on in to work. She worked in a day care with the little ones. Kim loved her job.

When she got off work, she called and said that she was putting her check in the bank then heading to her boyfriend's house. As always I told her to call me on her way to his house because he lived 30 minutes from us. She had to drive down Highway 36 to his house and home. I didn't like this highway because she drove a small car and on this highway there were 18-wheel trucks traveling down it, along with numerous deer.

I always expected her to call me on her way home. She had to call at the stop sign, then before she graduated she use to have to call me halfway home. It was 15 minutes between the first call and the second, and the second call and home. After she graduated she asked if she could cut one out, so we cut out the halfway home call.

She called me at 11:05 pm, and we talked about her money. The typical parent/child talk about spending and never having money, but she knew that she would always get whatever she needed.

After 35 minutes she didn't call and wasn't home. I was getting ready to go check on her (hoping that she was just down the road) when I got a text from her boyfriend asking if she was home. My gut told me there was something wrong. On my way to go find her, I called 911 and they said there was an accident on highway 36. When I got to the scene, they wouldn't allow me to go to the car but did confirm that it was her. She had a head on collision with an 18 wheeler. Her accident was just our side of halfway home.

Two days after her accident, I was talking to her boyfriend and he told me that they were texting at the time. Please don’t text and drive. It only takes seconds of looking at your phone to veer into the other lane.

Kim did not make it and passed 3 hours after the accident.

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Samantha McHoneSafe Driving, Kim