Jake's Story

Jakes Story ClickIt4Life

On the evening of December 26, 2005,
while celebrating Christmas with family, I got that call.

Jake had said his goodbyes hours before and was headed to his father's house. He never made it.

Although we will never know what went through his mind, the end result was no less real. At 18 Jake already had a couple of speeding tickets, had been grounded, and we finally warned him that one more time meant the loss of his truck.

A car or truck is a young man's life. Jake was no different. He put all his money into it - lights under the dash, lights in the air vents, and a sound system that would shake the earth beneath your feet.

The highway patrol tried to stop Jake from speeding, but he did not stop. He ran for about seven minutes. In the end his truck flipped, and he was ejected.


Although I know there were other circumstances that contributed to this awful event, the fatal one was that he was not wearing his seatbelt.

So here I am, Jake’s mom, to make you aware, to put it in your face - THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!!!

Please Click-It-4-Life!!!

Samantha McHoneJake, Safe Driving