Our Mission Is To Place Real Faces And Real Death Dates In The Public Eye To Encourage Young People To Drive Safely.


We focus on creating awareness
through billboard campaigns.


We are also dedicated to educating young people on the importance of safe driving, especially seatbelt use.

My prayer is that your contact with the billboards and/or this website will encourage conversations with others about safe driving. Teens don't think it can happen to them. Jake and the other young people on this website prove that it can. Tell their story, send others to this website and donate so we can continue to put the death dates in the public eye to grab attention!

Jake’s Story Billboard Campaign ClickIt4Life

Meet our founder.

Founded in 2007, Clickit4life, Inc. operates as a 501c(3) tax-exempt not for profit. Clickit4life is a volunteer driven organization, and 100% of your contribution serves to expand the mission and vision of Clickit4life.

Board of Directors:

Kent & Karen Birdsong
Ted & Kelly Capps
Tom & Terri Hoover

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